The impact on our roads

The purpose of a Local Plan is to provide a local focus under the Brisbane City Plan umbrella. The Local Plan is definite about road access. The Local Plan stipulates: “very low density residential development south of Cedar Creek is accessed through the potential development area to the north and not from Mt Nebo Road, Brompton Road or the unconstructed part of Ross Road.”

The potential impacts of traffic generated by the development application cannot be properly mitigated unless both elements in the local plan are enforced:

  •       Very low density residential development
  •       Development south of cedar Creek is accessed through the north.

The implementation of the Local Plans will ensure the northern access roads leading to Samford Road are not overburdened with traffic by ensuring very low residential development (5 dwellings per hectare) is provided over much of the land zoned for emerging community.

Many of the problems, but specifically the traffic issues, occur only if Brisbane City Council agrees to the urban expansion and density levels proposed by the development application rather than enforce the Local Plan.  

If the development application is allowed to override the Local Plan, a significate influx of traffic will occur on already overload roads, regardless of access points (including any on Mt Nebo Road).

The flow on effects of this increased traffic will have unacceptable and negative consequences for both public transport and private transport options for residents of Upper Kedron, The Gap and surrounding suburbs.

The proposal to build a new suburb away from all major traffic and public transport infrastructure built over the last decade and away from any major traffic and public transport infrastructure planned to be built over the next twenty years defies logic.   The Brisbane Transport Corridors and Growth Nodes Map (SFM-003), adopted by Council and effective 30 June 2014, fails to identify this land within any planned or future growth node. The closest area is Mitchelton and no growth nodes are planned along Waterworks Road, Musgrave Road, Wardell Street or Jubilee Terrace.

Furthermore, the Brisbane Transport Strategic Framework Map (SFM-005), adopted by Council and effective 30 June 2014, provides no strategic public transport corridor within  a usable distance to the development and none along Waterworks Road through The Gap or Ashgrove.  The proposed construction of this new suburb and its associated traffic flows onto these already crowded traffic corridors is in complete opposition to the Brisbane’s public transport and infrastructure strategy.

Regardless of the road connections used the location of a new suburb will create unactable and potentially unsolvable traffic problems for already land-locked road corridors. Rather than create a problem for future generations the Local Plan already provides sustainable development options for the last piece of an existing suburb – Upper Kedron.

Consideration of the road impacts only reinforces the need to implement the Local Plan for this site.