Protecting our green corridor

Our City Plan’s current zoning and green space and biodiversity mapping protects 160 unbroken hectares of green space on this site.

The Local Plan addresses how development can occur in a sustainable way to protect the sites significant environmental values.

However under the infrastructure agreement, Council gives that all away for 90 hectares of disjointed green space: breaking up of a significant green corridor linking The Gap, Upper Kedron with D’Aguilar National Park and the Keperra Bushland Reserve. 


A local resident at Upper Kedron and user of the green corridor – Pictured this month just north of the development at Lochinvar Road.

Before the land was sold to the developer, discussions between the original land owner, Cedar Woods and Brisbane City Council took place about environmental protections in the new City Plan 2014.  At that meeting, council officers said Council supported an application being lodged under the City Plan 2000 (the superseded scheme). The reason for this was explained in the meeting minutes released on Council’s website.

“(biodiversity) offsets under the current City Plan (2000) are more open to negotiation than will likely be the case in the draft new City Plan. The draft new City Plan (2014) considers potential value of the land not what currently exists”


“Proposed development within “habitat areas and ecological corridors” is to be offset on the basis of development area. On other development sites council has recently agreed to offset ratios of the order of 3:1. Under the new draft City Plan biodiversity offset codes specifies offset ratios up to 6:1. i.e. 6 times the area to be developed.”

This means council actively supported and encouraged an option for development that would explicitly provide poorer environmental outcomes:  avoiding consideration of the potential environmental values and offsets of 3:1 instead of 6:1.  

Rather than protect environmental areas, the infrastructure agreement sold out many of the protections already in place.



View of the site from Brompton Road.