Fighting to save our suburb

The Gap is a Brisbane suburb surrounded by environmental corridors and protected green space. The western most portion of this green corridor is shared with Upper Kedron.

The Ferny Grove/Upper Kedron Local Plan includes habitat and ecological corridors, density limits, and limitation on where development is to occur. These provisions have been overridden and substituted for an inferior land swap under an Infrastructure Agreement and development application approved by Brisbane City Council that provides less green space and higher density development.

On 27 April 2015, the Deputy Premier of Queensland announced she will reassess this development application to "ensure the right balance is achieved for the environment, the economy and the concerns of the local communities". We will know the outcome of this reassessment in late June.

This is a step in the right direction.

Save The Gap and its supporters have argued from the very beginning that the Local Plan had the balance right and encouraged sustainable development. Importantly our campaign is not fighting against development on this site per se – we are campaigning to have the Local Plan implemented in full, including:

  • Density limits of 5 dwellings per hectare in the areas specified by the Local Plan.
  • Full retention of the land zoned for environmental protection as per the City Plan, including the ‘habitat area and ecological corridor’ in the Local Plan.
  • Preservation of waterway corridors and parks already included in the Local Plan.
  • Sensible allocation of development in the land zoned rural, consistent with waterway corridors, the dwelling density already provided in the emerging community, the lands location and proximity to National Park and only assessed once water and sewage connections are made.

If these conditions in the Local Plan were enforced, our nature corridor would be preserved, the development would not likely need emergency access roads to Mt Nebo Road, and our local road networks would not be thrown into chaos.


Below: The change in green space and urban development being sought by the developer.


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